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What is Aluminum Skirting, How to Choose and Maintenance

Updated: 19 Apr 2024

The material of aluminum skirting board is 6063-T5 aluminum. This alloy has an alloy ratio hardness of (13-15) degrees, a service life (of 3-5) times longer than that of ordinary aluminum materials, and its yield strength can reach more than 500 MPa. The product is formed through a series of special processes. The surface is straight-grained and then subjected to high-temperature coloring and oxidation. The aluminum alloy skirting board produced with this aluminum has a strong metallic texture, does not fade, has high strength, does not deform, is waterproof, moisture-proof, and anti-collision. It is insect-proof, moth-proof, wear-resistant, aging-resistant, safe, and environmentally friendly. It is simple to install and disassemble, has a line running function, and can be reused. This cannot be achieved with skirting boards made of various materials in the past.

Anodized Aluminum Skirting Baseboard

Compared with traditional solid wood, floral foam, and PVC skirting, aluminum alloy skirting has the characteristics of convenient installation, durability, fire resistance and moisture resistance. And during use, it is not easy to be affected by moisture, deformation, aging, kicking, surface stickers falling off, etc.

Aluminum skirting is a new decorative material or replacement product for modern decoration. It has the same function as the skirting made of precious materials. It plays the role of visual balance, beautification, and decoration in the decorated space and protects the corners and the ground.

Aluminum alloy skirting boards are easy to install, durable, fire-proof and moisture-proof, which effectively solves the problems of traditional skirting boards that are easily affected by moisture, deformation, aging, insect infestation and peeling off of surface stickers. At the same time, aluminum alloy skirting lines have lightweight advantages and a good decorative effect. Therefore, aluminum baseboards have become one of the main materials for modern architectural decoration and are also very popular among people.

Aluminum Skirting Baseboard

How to maintain aluminum skirting

In order to keep the aluminum skirting in good condition, regular maintenance is required. First, you can use a soft cloth to wipe the baseboard surface to remove dust and stains. You can use an appropriate cleaning agent if there is stubborn dirt, but avoid using acidic or corrosive substances. In addition, care should be taken to avoid collisions and scratches with heavy objects to prevent deformation or damage to the skirting lines. During the maintenance process, it is also necessary to regularly check whether the connection parts of the baseboards are tight, and if they are found to be loose, repair them in time.

How to choose aluminum skirting

There are many types of aluminum skirting lines, so how to choose aluminum skirting lines is very important. Aluminum baseboards are generally extruded using 6063 grade aluminum alloy, and the surface treatment will be anodized or powder coated. Aluminum skirting baseboard manufacturers are professional and can support customized baseboards. We can even help customers redesign drawings and customize the styles that customers require. Therefore, if you are an aluminum baseboard purchaser, you must look at the manufacturer's production capacity and product quality. As a manufacturer of aluminum baseboards, Shenghai Aluminum supplies skirting baseboards to customers in Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom and other countries. Our aluminum skirting have great advantages in terms of product quality and price; they are competitive with our peers.
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