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Aluminum Alloy 6000 Series - Knowledge & Features

21 May 2024

Summary: 6000 series aluminum alloy is the most commonly used series and is often used in the engineering and construction industry. Different models have different uses.

What Are Problems With Aluminum Profile Surfaces

17 May 2024

Summary: Generally, the surface quality defects of aluminum alloy profiles include slag inclusions, scratches, extrusion streaks, surface roughness, corrosion spots, bubbles, etc. However, there will be corresponding methods to solve these problems.
Door and Window

Door and Window Aluminum Profiles Are The Best Choice

7 May 2024

Summary: Aluminum profiles have strong processing performance and can be customized according to customer needs; they are corrosion-resistant and can be used for a long time in any environment; they have rich profile systems and can meet the door and window profile system requirements of different countries or regions.
LED Profile

Most Popular Aluminum Profile LED Strip

26 Apr 2024

Summary: Aluminum profile LED strip is a very popular and popular decorative product. Aluminum profiles serve as LED enclosure, making LED strips widely used, and the installation methods are also very flexible and diverse.

How To Produce Aluminium Profile By Aluminum Rod

22 Apr 2024

Summary: Aluminum profiles are processed step by step from raw materials, and each step is very critical. High-quality aluminum profiles must pass strict production control at every step.

What is Aluminum Skirting, How to Choose and Maintenance

19 Apr 2024

Summary: Aluminum skirting is a new decorative material or replacement product for modern decoration. It has the same function as the skirting made of precious materials. It plays the role of visual balance, beautification, and decoration in the decorated space and protects the corners and the ground.

Do You Know Aluminium Transition Strip For Tiles

18 Apr 2024

Summary: Aluminum alloy, as a new type of light metal alloy material, has many unique advantages. Its lightweight, high strength and good corrosion resistance make the aluminium tile transition strip easy to install and durable and it can adapt to various environmental conditions.

How To Produce 6063 Aluminum Profile

1 Apr 2024

Summary: The production process of aluminum 6063 profiles is complex, from material selection, mold design, extrusion, to surface processing, and finally packaging and delivery. Every step of aluminum profile production requires the control of professional engineers.

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