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Folding Doors

Due to the flexibility of aluminum folding (or bifold) doors, they are widely used in interior partitions, patio doors, garden doors, corridor doors, etc. This can effectively utilize space and increase indoor lighting. Folding door profiles are mainly extruded from aluminum alloy 6063 or 6061, which have high strength and corrosion resistance and can be obtained in various colors through anodizing or powder coating. Our folding door profiles are flexible in design and can be folded freely according to customer needs to save space. With diversified aluminum folding door profiles, Shenghai Aluminium can design profiles according to different needs to meet various decoration needs of customers. Our aluminum profiles are strong and suitable for large-area door and window designs. They can provide a stable support structure and are the best choice for folding doors.
Mauritius Slim Aluminium Sliding And Folding Door Profile

Mauritius Slim Aluminium Sliding And Folding Door Profile
Bahrain Aluminium Bifold Exterior Door Profiles

Bahrain Aluminium Bifold Exterior Door Profiles
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What are Folding Doors / Bifold Doors?

A folding door comprises several panels the user can fold or unfold to open or close the door. The door is also dubbed ‘bi-fold door’ or ‘Concertina door’ in relevance to the musical instrument. However, naming it a Bi-fold door is inaccurate as it usually encompasses 2, 4, or more panels. The panels move along a track with the aid of rollers, and the user can pull them back to one side using a knob.

From room separators to kitchen entrances, bi-fold doors are undoubtedly handy. They are suitable for separating any two spaces and can extend considerably, thus gaining an advantage over traditional doors concerning accessibility and visibility. This article will help you know more about folding doors and see if they suit your place. Now, let’s get started with the materials, shall we?
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