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Traditional Doors and Windows

With the continuous development of the door and window market, aluminum profiles have become the necessary material for doors and windows. Because aluminum profiles have good corrosion resistance, high strength, and good processing properties, they can better meet the design needs of doors and windows. Our most used door and window profiles are aluminum alloy 6063 grade. The extruded profiles have a smooth finish and are not easily deformed. The aluminium profiles extruded by Shenghai Aluminium are then surface treated (anodizing, powder coating, electrophoresis, PVDF, etc.) and finally processed according to customer needs (high-precision cutting, CNC machining, punching, etc.). This is how we provide customers with a one-stop service, saving customers money and time. Shenghai Aluminium is a professional integrated supplier of aluminum extrusion and deep processing in China. It provides aluminum profile frames and aluminum accessories to many national door and window system companies. We have rich experience and support customized various aluminium profiles and drawing designs. For mold making, etc., please get in touch with our professional door and window team to provide you with your own door and window profile solutions.
Slovakia Building Profile Aluminum Door and Window Section

Slovakia Building Profile Aluminum Door and Window Section
Malaysia Aluminium Door and Window Frame Profile Factory

Malaysia Aluminium Door and Window Frame Profile Factory
Mexico Traditional Aluminium Door And Window Profiles

Mexico Traditional Aluminium Door And Window Profiles
Kuwait Aluminium Exterior Door And Window Profile For Home

Kuwait Aluminium Exterior Door And Window Profile For Home
Togo Aluminium Extrusion Window Frame

Togo Aluminium Extrusion Window Frame
Africa 28 Series Casement Door Aluminium Profiles

Africa 28 Series Casement Door Aluminium Profiles
Zimbabwe Aluminium Extrusion For Door And Window

Zimbabwe Aluminium Extrusion For Door And Window
Thailand Extruded Aluminum Profile For Doors And Windows

Thailand Extruded Aluminum Profile For Doors And Windows
Brazil Series Aluminum Window And Door Profiles

Brazil Door and Window
Brazil Series Aluminum Window And Door Profiles
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Architects and homeowners alike are drawn to the timeless appeal of slim profile, aluminum window and doors. The narrow sightlines work well in a variety of architectural styles, especially modern home settings.

Aluminum windows are very durable and long-lasting making them a great investment. They also require very little maintenance, saving you time in the long run.

Shenghai Aluminium Improved Aluminum windows offer a polyurethane channel to reduce heat transfer and improve energy efficiency for a more comfortable home no matter the weather.

Sliding Door vs. Casement Door:

Selecting the perfect door for your home involves considering several factors, such as space, functionality, and aesthetics. Two popular options are casement doors and sliding doors, each offering unique advantages. Let’s compare:

Features Sliding Doors Casement Doors
Opening Style Slide horizontally Swing open like a traditional door
Space Efficiency Ideal for limited space, doesn’t swing Requires space for door to swing
Ventilation Limited compared to casement doors Excellent ventilation options
Aesthetic Appeal Modern and sleek appearance Classic and timeless design
Ease of Operation Smooth sliding mechanism Easy to open and close with a crank
Security Generally secure, but may have large glass panels Good security with multiple locking points
Weather Resistance Good sealing, but may have potential for drafts Excellent sealing, less prone to drafts
Maintenance Low maintenance, easy to clean Requires yearly maintenance like: checking hinges and seals
Cost Generally more affordable Can be more expensive, especially for high-end designs
Customization Limited design options Various design options available

Casement Window Vs Sliding Window

Windows are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and forms and can even be customized to your precise specifications. However, zeroing on the right design and style can be a trickier proposition. To assist you in making the apt choice, we will be comparing the various attributes and benefits of two of the most common window styles in the market today; casement windows and sliding windows. Casement windows and Sliding windows are both excellent alternatives for any house, but there are certain stark differences between the two windows.

What is a Casement Window?

Casement windows are generally attached by two or more hinges and need to be cranked to open. Moreover, they can be opened on both sides, either inwards or outwards but they generally open outwards. They also come with an option of a safety hook or friction hinge to keep the window in place which can come particularly handy on windy days. Additionally, casement windows can either be singular or come in pairs sharing a single frame.

Casement Window Advantages

  1. Highly customizable–  Casement windows are highly customizable and can be tailored to suit various styles. Moreover, they are available in an array of frames, which means they can suit several homes.
  2. Energy efficient-  Casement windows are highly energy efficient as they form a tighter seal when closed. In terms of energy efficiency, they are second only to fixed-pane windows.
  3. Offers great ventilation– They offer better ventilation and offer excellent air flow when open. These windows are also easier to operate in most cases and can be open the widest compared to all others.
  4. Looks attractive–  Casement Windows tend to look far more attractive when they’re open than sliders when open. Casements are also flush with adjacent panes and can be much larger than sliders while still being operable.
  5. Enhances security– Casement Windows are also highly secure as the lock is incorporated into the frame, making them difficult to break into. Additionally, these windows are easier to clean since they can be opened to allow access to both sides.
  6. Offers a large viewing area – Casement windows, unlike their counterparts, provide an unrestricted view of the surrounding region.
  7. Require minimal maintenance– A simple wipe with a wet cloth every now is enough to keep casement windows in good condition for a long time.
  8. Highly customizable-  You can generally alter it to your desire and with relative ease, there are many customizable options already on the market, so you won’t have to break a sweat.

What is a Sliding Window?

Sliding windows are not attached with a hinge. Instead, they sash open – either up or down or slide back and forth. It is very similar to a double-hung window turned on its side and complements traditional and colonial-style properties perfectly. They also work seamlessly with walls where there isn’t a lot of height to play with but enough horizontal space.

Sliding Window Advantages.

  1. Ease of operation- Sliding windows are easy to open and far simpler to operate, so there are fewer potential mechanical problems.
  2. Cost efficient- Sliding windows are a cheaper alternative compared to casement windows. Moreover, as they don’t open on the outside, it doesn’t pose a safety hazard for people walking on the outside.
  3. Blends easily- uPVC Sliding windows blend perfectly in period properties, refurbishment houses, and cases where casement windows may be considered too modern.
  4. Better spacing options- Sliding windows let you choose exactly how much space you want to leave open. This way you can regulate the flow of fresh air into your room.
  5. Low maintenance- Sliding windows have fewer pieces than other types of windows. Remember parts of the windows do wear out and fail over time, so sliding windows The good thing is that sliding windows is not dependent on these components to function, making them much more durable and long-lasting.

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